The guys at Angrybrow sent us a couple of the sweatbands to try out, so we did.

The Angrybrow is a great product for those of us that seem to sweat like crazy. And we all know there's nothing worse than that stingy eye sweat feeling after a check of even between periods. 

The Angrybrow fits over top of your helmets cage. So the first thing to note is if you don't wear a cage, this one's not for you. But if you do, you should definitely try one out. At $13.95 from the website the hit on your wallet is minimal and totally worth trying out. As far as fit is concerned, the sweatband adjusts from 16" to around 22" which covered all of our size (and I would wager all sizes).

The design of the sweatband is fairly simple and light. Our one improvement, in our opinion, would be to create a slightly thicker band. Even if only to provide a player with a choice between the original and an extra thick version. The current width is 6/8". Our recommendation came from several of our trials resulting in the player having to ring the sweatband out in between periods. To that point, that guys sweats a lot, this wasn't the case with all who tried it out though.

Overall a neat product and definitely worth trying if you wear a cage and experience that stingy eye sweat!


Angrybrow Hockey Caged Helmet Sweatband